Sunday, July 31, 2011

parties in kentucky {part one}

so i am a little behind on posting this. the past few weeks have been busy with wedding stuff. less than 2 months to go and we have kicked into overdrive.

a few weeks ago we drove up to lexington for a few days to celebrate the wedding. my sweet bridesmaids put together a super sweet bachelorette party and a lovely bridal shower. it was a jam packed weekend but it was wonderful to celebrate and spend time with friends that i love with my whole heart. and being back in lexington for a few days was definitely time well spent.

for an all day bachelorette party on saturday, we laid by the pool and went out to dinner (at a fantastic restaurant downtown that was delish). after that we were off to a little party back at our friends townhouse where hilarity ensued.

it was a fabulous day of being a bachelorette and hanging out with people i love dearly.

i'll be back soon with {part 2} all about our fun bridal shower (where fire may have been involved). until then...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


i'm not really an "outdoorsy" kinda girl. i don't like to hike or camp. just ask the sweet friends who tried to take me camping. i doubt they will ever ask me again :)  thank goodness.

however, there is one way (other than taking me to a beach or pool) where i dream of being outside for a long time. i can't wait to be able to have friends over and host a little dinner party outside. i've noticed that i have pinned a lot of inspiration lately on pinterest.

how can these pictures not make you want to have a dinner party every single night?

{all images from pinterest}

do any of you dream of entertaining friends in a fantastic backyard one day?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

76 days to go!

{horrible at remembering where images are from but most likely it's 

just a few inspiration pictures to keep you updated!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


in june, A and i celebrated our four year anniversary. seems crazy that it has been that long. so we celebrated. he let me choose where to go for dinner and of course i pick my favorite restaurant downtown, pomegranate. it's a little pricey so we save it for extra special occasions and my birthday. but it is worth the wait because i love it.

i meant to take a picture of my food for you so you could see the yummy goodness. however, i completely forgot and began chowing down before i thought to stop and photograph the food. i always get the veggie kabobs. just trust me - they look beautiful and they taste even better.

after dinner, A and i walked around downtown. he planned a little (free) surprise for us so after dinner he finally told me what we were doing. among the many wonderful things downtown greenville has, they have a little game that you can play on main street called "mice on main". basically, they hid 9 different bronze mice along main street and you get the clues to find one after the other. we walked all the way down main street (opposite of the restaurant) to start our hunt.

there are 9 to find. we found 8. although we think the missing mouse was hidden behind some construction that they are doing on main street. so technically that one doesn't count right?

and to top it all off, A bought me some beautiful sunflowers as a little gift.

it was a great night. perfect for us. this next year is going to be the best yet. we are getting married in 3 months, going on a fantastic honeymoon, and beginning our life together as newlyweds. that is weird to type out now but in 3ish months, it will become reality.