Tuesday, June 26, 2012

healthy start

many mornings i find myself in the kitchen making a quick smoothie before work. i have tweaked it quite a few times from the original smoothie {recipe found here} but for the most part, keep it pretty much the same. i just add spinach to get a serving of greens in {and no you can't taste it...promise}.

my recipe is:

*8-9 strawberries
*a handful of blueberries
*a handful of spinach
*1/2 cup OJ
*a small spoonful of honey
*a small spoonful of ground flax seeds
*10-12 ice cubes

Mix it all together in a blender. Pour it in a big glass. I usually stick it in the freezer as I finish getting ready for the day and then grab it and go. In my opinion, 10 minutes of making it is worth getting in a good serving of fruit and veggie first thing in the morning.

Friday, June 22, 2012

life lately according to my {instagram}

in the past few weeks we have....

-been to florida with my family
-taken a drive up to north carolina
-gone to the farmers marker
-added to my mint green obsession
-found and bought my first peonies 

what have y'all been up to lately???

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

working it out: in my gym bag

i have mentioned before that i wanted to start talking more about my passion of fitness and eating better and then i forgot. so i figured i would give you another little "working it out" post.

this time, i want to talk about my favorite necessities for the gym. many times, you will find me in an old tshirt and running shorts. that is pretty typical. however, when i took on spin, i had to find some pants to wear for class.  i picked some out and wear them every spin class. they are super comfy (not see thru at all) and fit really well.


if i need to wear shorts, my favorites actually come from old navy. although i do love the color options that nike has, i just can't justify the price. ON actually has some great ones and i have gotten them on super sale too. i love them!

i also have some fantastic shirts from victoria's secret that i have quickly become obsessed with. sometimes a tshirt is too heavy and too much to wear. something along the lines of this but without the writing.


a few months ago, i had to get some new shoes because my old ones were super worn. my new motto? go bright or go home.

and last, you can't survive in the gym without a water bottle. last year i discovered bkr and haven't looked back since. i carry mine everywhere - they are perfect.

also, my little blue ipod nano comes with me to the gym. i can't do cardio without having music to motivate me to go faster.

so there is a typical "what's in my gym bag" post. do y'all have any favorites that you can't go to the gym without? how about some of your favorite workout songs? do share!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

hakuna matata

the lion king on broadway is here in greenville for the next month and A and I were lucky enough to go see it last week. it was really wonderful. A had never been to a broadway show and this was a great starter for him.

i might have sang the songs along with the characters. how can you not sing along with "hakuna matata" or "i just can't wait to be king"?

 it was a fantastic time and i would definitely recommend it to anyone. here is a little sneak peak of the show...

tell me that does not give you goosebumps.