Friday, October 30, 2009

lovely friday

today's lovely friday is dedicated to front doors. i love front doors. it's the first thing you see on a house and can make such a lasting impression. i love unique, bright and old front doors.

these front doors make me feel so welcomed. i only hope that one day i can have a pretty little entrance like these.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

happy anniversary

i just want to give a little shout out to my sweet parents (who read my blog consistently). they are so great and today is their wedding anniversary.

happy anniversary mama bear and pops. i love you.

vintage inspiration


Credits: Jose Villa (4), Penny Silvia (2)

how pretty huh? i love the soft colors and vintage-y theme.

just for the record....i'm just browsing. don't go get into a tizzy.

from style me pretty blog.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a target winner

i know how much everyone loves target. i love it too. its unusual for me to go into target to get one thing and not buy anything else. normally, that one thing turns into about 5. sometimes more.

this summer, they had a line of t-shirts out. little pocket v-neck tees. tons of them in lots of colors. i picked 2 up. they seemed like great tees to wear casually. well, after having those 2 shirts for about a week, i went and got 2 more. i LOVE them. they are soft. they are cute. and they fit me great. i would recommend them to any girl. they are the perfect little tee to throw on and run out the door. i have one in gray, blue, purple and coral. i believe i saw them pretty recently at target for about $8.

girls. i'm serious. they are great. go. now. seriously.
you will thank me later.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

funny + embarrassment

so today at work, i was researching companies on a website called hoovers. while talking to a co-worker, i asked her what i should do if i can't find the company on that website. after a second, she started laughing. i was so confused. Then she explained it to me.

"the website you are using is called hoovers. you just called it hooters."

i was mortified. i fake laughed for a second just to show that i did think it was funny (although at the moment, it was more embarrassing than funny). she was still laughing. all along i was thinking "holy crap. i just said hooters in my cubicle at work. to a co-worker. where everyone could hear me."

awesome. nice work shan.

so it's official...

we're addicted.

Monday, October 26, 2009

a starbucks classic (for me)

everyone has been talking about the pumpkin spice latte from starbucks lately. while it really is pretty perfect for fall, i thought i would share my favorite starbucks drink with y'all.

i must warn you. it is not very normal. sometimes, i get weird looks from the baristas but trust me, it is delicious. one of my Young Life girls introduced it to me about 2 years ago and I have been hooked ever since.

A Venti Iced Green Tea with One Splenda and One Pump of Vanilla.

It's a mouthful. But it is worth it. best part? its only $2.13. or at least it is in KY.

Try it next time and let me know what you think.

Do y'all have a classic starbucks drink?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

sunday musings

1. this weekend was one for the books. it was great. i loved every second that my besties were here. if only, it hadn't gone by so stinking fast. we had a jam packed weekend full of shopping, eating, exploring and all around fun. best weekend yet and exactly what the doctor ordered. i will post pictures later this week (my camera batteries were dead and so i have to wait for the girlies to send me my copies).

2. this weekend, i discovered a favorite place in greenville. a tea bar. i had been there before so i took the girls. i found a favorite. uh oh.

3. tonight, A and I are trying a new church. or should i say, i am. he has been there plenty of times. I'm excited.

4. because of said apartment guests for the weekend, i forced myself to clean the apartment and have a place for everything and everything in it's place. it is not done forever. but it is done for now. you know what that means. an apartment tour is coming (camera batteries are charging as we speak. errr...type.)

5. i would like some candy corn from fresh market. haven't had any this season.

6. i need to jump back on my reading train. i love reading. i have a book list the length of well...a book. in the middle of getting through said book list, i decided it was high time to re-read the Harry Potter books. i'm almost done with the 3rd. have 4 rather large HP books to go.

7. i want my friends to turn around and come back right about now.

8. my birthday is in 16 days. i think Nov. 10th is the best day of the year. seriously.

9. i ate at a new (for me) restaurant last night with the besties. it was good. i'll go back...maybe.

10. downtown Greenville is gorgeous.

11. the above picture has nothing to do with this post. but it's pretty huh? and it, of course, is tagged to the flickr owner.

12. i like even numbers. this random fact makes my musings even.

That is all for my sunday musings. i liked sharing my thoughts with you. i might just have to do it again.

Friday, October 23, 2009

girls weekend

so tonight, some of my besties will be arriving for a weekend visit. I couldn't be more excited. It's going to be perfect and honestly, they couldn't be coming at a better time. This week has been a rough one and I know that this weekend will cheer me up immensly. I can't wait.

I will be MIA from the blog world for the next few days. But I promise to be back with pictures and stories from our weekend adventures. Have a good weekend my sweets. I'll be seeing you soon.


lovely friday

back for some more lovely friday. it's a tradition around here that i must say, i'm starting to enjoy. i get to write about all of my favorite things that make my life that much sweeter.

up this week is my favorite body wash line, Philosophy. i discovered this line a few years back on a little shopping trip to Nordstrom. They have a ton of different scents to choose from. You can choose from "Mimosa", "Coconut Frosting" or "Vanilla Birthday Cake". I happen to have 2 favorites. One I use for Spring/Summer and one I use for Fall/Winter. Spring and Summer bring out a fruity scent, "Melon Daquiri". Then in the Fall/Winter I switch to "Cinnamon Buns".

The best part? On the front of each of the bottles, they have the recipe for the according scent.

I promise. These body washes will make your morning (or night) washes smell that much better.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

my perfect halloween night

i love Halloween. it is by far one of my favorite holidays. i still feel sad that it would be inappropriate for a 23 year old girl to dress up and go out trick-or-treating. i would totally do it if i could.

so i'll suffice with what i now think of as the perfect Halloween night.
dream with me...

i would sit out on my big front porch..

i would hang these pretty little pom poms out in my trees in the front yard...

along with simple orange twinkle lights...

all while giving my favorite Halloween candy away (and eating part of the stash)

sounds perfect to me. i'm ready for Halloween.
all photos linked to owners.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

if only

i think if i had this bike {from anthropologie} in my life, i would take up biking as a hobby.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

you are missed

it has been months and months and i am still in denial and mourning...

please domino....come back to me. i miss your monthly fabulous-ness.


Monday, October 19, 2009

a fall trend

so i hear that gray nail polish is the "go to" color for the fall. and i am 110% on board. if you ask any of my besties, they will tell you that i am rarely seen without nail polish on. My mom always has her's done pretty and she passed that along to me. So i am excited to try this new color. I also LOVE gray. so that is two reasons to hop on board the trend train.

i picked up this color recently. it's a little light but I am excited to try it out.

OPI's Moon Over Mumbai

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"little one"

there is a new love in my life.

meet jack.

A's roommates found him outside this week. he was in the rain and crying and they brought him in. sweet little 2 pound jack. i call him "little one". it fits.

the best part? the roommates love him already. they are keeping him.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


my mama sent me this picture this weekend. check me out at 2 years of age.

notice anything? look close. look a little closer. see the hat? that hat reads "Clemson Tigers". A is in his final semester at Clemson. I live 20 minutes away. Who would have thought 21 years after this picture was taken, i would be moving to the Clemson area for my love?

Funny how things work out like that. I consider this picture a sweet little present from the Lord.

Friday, October 16, 2009

lovely friday

another entry for lovely friday.

one word...cupcakes. i love cupcakes. i'm not a big cake person. cupcakes though? yes please. now, i realize they are basically the same thing. but i'll take a cupcake any day over a piece of cake. maybe cause they are way more precious.

my favorite flavor is red velvet. but i would gladly take any of these.
wouldn't these make any day just that much lovelier?

all photos linked to flickr.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


i need your help my sweets.

i have run out of my face lotion that i have used for sooooo long. i have always splurged on my face lotion and gone with lancome. i love their line and have used it since i have been in high school. maybe even middle school. but the time has come for a switch.

as much as i love their face lotion, i just can't justify spending $50 or more on a jar. this is where y'all come in. what face lotion do you use on your skin at night? i need your advice (ASAP) since i have run out. i have thought about using the "olay regenerist" line. i have heard good things about it but wanted to pick your brains first.

so ladies...if would be so kind to share.