Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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A and i are now gleeks.
i will proudly wave my gleek flag forever.

we are catching up on season 1 thanks to my dear netflix (oh how i love thee).

do any of you watch this show? because it is absolutely fabulous. FA-BU-LOUS.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

lazy-ish sunday

9:30am - wake up for church.

the church that we attend has switched buildings this summer to accommodate the number of people who attend the downtown service. now, it is held in an old baptist church building (although our church is not a "baptist" one). it is absolutely beautiful. smells old (which is one of my favorite smells). looks old. stained glass lining both sides of the sanctuary with big front steps leading up to the building. it's beautiful.

11:30 - out of church and hungry.

A and i decide to try a new (for us) restaurant downtown. i have heard they serve a good brunch. perfect....exactly what i want on a sunday. we make our way down the street to have brunch outside. (have i mentioned yet that it is the prettiest day ever? because it is. sunny and not "smack you in the face and make you want to pour iced water on your head over and over again" hot. which it has been all summer so it is a nice change.

brunch is delicious. we sit outside and eat yummy yummy food til our hearts are content.

1:00 - done with brunch. off to go drive through our favorite neighborhoods downtown and dream of owning a house there one day.

find about 8 different houses i want. maybe 10. almost all will more than likely always be out of our price range but a girl can dream of getting one for free one day right?

2:00 - drive to the habitat restore. it's closed. drive to favorite antique store. closed too. boo hiss.

2:30 - go home. where a lazy sunday begins. i blog. A is in my living room playing video games. and that is where we are right now.

told my pup i would take him to the puppy park today. must go soon so i can be back in time for the emmy's. i heart awards shows and am excited to park my butt on the couch tonight and watch as all my favorites (hopefully) win.

happy sunday dear readers.

Monday, August 23, 2010

miss jenna nicole

one of my favorite people in the world. a bestie and a roommate of 3 years.

she is becoming quite the talented photographer. and i wanted to share some of her photos here. (aka some of my absolute favorites so far.

starting off with my favorite (because it is one of my favorite streets back home in lexington)...

isn't she so talented?

find jenna's photography page of FB here.
and read her blog here.

all photos courtesy of jenna nicole photography.

Monday, August 16, 2010

a clemson wedding

last week, A and i were invited to our dear friends wedding.

daniel and laura were married in a garden on clemson's campus. outside. which was beautiful but oh my freaking goodness was it hot. but it really was perfect.

after, we celebrated their marriage at a little restaurant in downtown clemson. it was such a good time.

dang smudge on the iphone camera. but still cute :)

side story: daniel was a YL kid when i led at a school in lexington. daniel was part of a group of 4 boys who always came around and who ended up loving the Lord and growing like weeds. 4 years later and they are all still great friends of mine. so the other 3 boys came for the wedding and it really was so fun. hanging out with some lexington friends really made for a joyful night.

looking back, A and i both had a fabulous night celebrating our friends. and now, A is puppy-sitting for their girl, Riley. Riley and Kentson love each other. love. so i had to leave with a sweet little picture of the happy fur couple.

they look so much alike right? my little k is on the left. riley roo (his gf) is on the right.

both friend and puppy love.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

thursday travels

photo from {here}

austin texas. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

spot on

it's no secret that target is amazing.

so when i spotted these glasses on a recent trip i thought "i must have those!" they are perfect.

i got the white ones. one pack of white striped and a pack of white dots. SUPER CUTE. i love them. and they are glass (bonus points!). and $7 for a pack of 4. i'm definitely not trying to be an enabler....i'm just saying that i love them and you should too.

and because we are talking about glasses, i will share a little tidbit about shan with my readers.

have you seen the movie "signs"? well, there is a little girl named bo in the movie. she is probably 6 or 7. she is known in her house for leaving half-full (i'm an optimist here) glasses around the house. everywhere. well kids...that is me. in real life. no character here....just shan. i admit that i leave glasses everywhere around my apartment. andy sometimes likes to start calling me bo so that i realize my problem quirk.

saying all that, sometimes i run out of glasses. mostly because they are lying around everywhere. and then i add all to the dishwasher and then have to wait. but now, i have 8 more glasses that i can fill up and half drink before i need to run my dishwasher.

and they are cute. which is why i got them. definitely didn't just get them so i could have 8 more glasses to half drink. definitely not.

Monday, August 9, 2010


last week, A and i took a little vacation to florida. pensacola to be exact. we visited for 5 glorious days with my grandparents who live in that wonderful little city.

and we did nothing. the highlight of most of our days was a run to starbucks. one day was target. but other than that we stayed at their house and played in the pool. and layed out. ate fabulous food cooked by my grandmother and spent quality time with the grandparents. it was kinda perfect.

our days were spent here...

perfect right?

one day we did skip over to the beach to snack at a restaurant and see the condition of the beaches (pensacola was one of the cities affected by the oil spill).

but i am happy to report that we saw no oil. no tar balls. nothing. just a few booms near a little cove. how wonderful is that? i was so happy.

and while on said beach, A and i took a few pictures. just so we could actually show we had been on vacation. because i am so bad at taking pictures.

excuse the wind...

and one really pretty one for good measure.

the worst part of the vacation was coming home. we both were so relaxed and it was such a great vacation that both of us were kicking and screaming at the thought of coming back.

hopefully, we will have a florida trip part 2 in our near future.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

my friend {libby}

i have a dear friend libby.

we were blessed to get her in lexington. she met a boy named justin (who i went to hs with) on summer staff at young life camp. not long after, she moved to lexington and became such a wonderful part of our community there. she was in our bible study and is a good friend.

she married justin. they moved to VA. they had a sweet little baby.

and last week, sweet libby found out that she had cancer. lymphoma. she is 26 years old.

i want to encourage each of you to follow her blog as she shows us how to go through something so hard and do it with such grace. it's incredibly hard not to feel sad. but libby is going to be an example for all of us. she already has taught me so much about faith and it has been a week since the news came.

please please pray. pray for my friend. pray for her and her husband. pray for their daugher, ava. pray for strength.

i also pray that eyes will be opened, walls will be broken down and hearts will be pointed to the Lord through libby's journey. i know she will not waste her cancer.

{libby's blog}