Thursday, February 25, 2010

comfort food and a review

last week, A and I decided to make the ultimate comfort food for dinner.
grilled cheese and tomato soup. {yum}

i mean...who doesn't love that?
and i got to use my new platter from allmodern.

i was so excited because i don't really have any serving dishes and it is unfortunate when you have guests and have nothing to serve food on. {i talked about my dish obsession here} but for the night, i got to use my new serving dish for my super delicious grilled cheese sandwiches.

i have to say...i love my new dish. i love the size. i love the simple white color. it's a classic.

i was so excited when allmodern contacted me to do a product review. i had never done one and the experience with their company was incredibly positive. the website has a ton of home products to choose from, broken up into rooms for easy browsing. they have a really great collection of products. although some of their products are out of my price range, they have a variety of things that are perfect for me and my budget. i was also very impressed with how quickly my product came {which is always nice because i was so antsy to get my new serving dish to try!}

head on over to their website {here} and browse. happy looking!

[disclaimer] this product review was sponsored by allmodern. however, my opinions and thoughts on their product and company are completely my own. i have reviewed this product and posted my satisfaction honestly.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


so i have a strong love/hate relationship with j.crew. i love most of their clothes. they are adorable and i would wear them a lot. i hate their prices. hate. $40 for a t-shirt? thanks but no thanks.

i also love their jewelry. but unless i make a little trip to the outlets 45 minutes away, i don't buy it from j.crew.

but i have found a loophole. crewcuts.

they make jewelry and accessories for little girls and the prices aren't nearly as bad as adult jewelry prices. don't mind if i do j.crew. don't mind if i do.

all images courtesy of j.crew {here}
loophole. sweet.

Monday, February 22, 2010

monday night

tonight A and I decided to head out to dinner and a little shopping {for him}.

dinner was at one of my favorite favorite FAVORITE places ever. i can't believe i haven't professed my love for this place on my blog yet...

chipotle = yummy goodness.

and then we went to old navy. for A. but i bought a long cardigan. it was just too cute to pass up and will be perfect with my leggings. and it was cheap. umm...yes please.

sorry for the poor picture quality. that's what you get when you take pics with the blackberry at night.

and now we are in for the night, watching the olympics (no surprise there).
happy monday my sweets.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


in case you have been wondering where i have been/why i have not been blogging all week long, i will give you a little hint.
the olympics are taking over my life. seriously.
i promise i will resume posting soon. 
logo of 2010 olympics found here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


i have recently decided to start on some of my resolutions (since it is february and all). one would be to cook and bake more.

i recently baked some bran muffins. i really love muffins for breakfast. i wake up at the last possible minute before i have to leave for work so i need a fast breakfast. muffins are definitely a fave.

i followed this recipe {here}. the only thing i do differently is i substitute cinnamon applesauce for the oil. it makes it healthier and in my opinion, tastes better.

you don't need that many ingredients...

and you get 12 muffins. perfect for me!

i recommend this recipe for sure. they are soooo good!

Monday, February 15, 2010


i know some of you will not appreciate this post but i was so excited i just had to share.

on friday, our weatherman told us to expect snow. which i have learned not to get excited over because most of the times he is wrong and the mountains around us steal the thunder. er.... steal the snow. but this time, it was for us far southern folks. and i was so very excited. (disclaimer: i hated snow when i was in KY. but when you leave, you do just want it a few times. 1. to feel like winter. 2. to feel like home 3. it is way prettier than dried, dead grass)

and did it snow. 4 inches. which may not seem like a ton but it was just enough for me!

(forgive the horrible picture quality. it was taken on A's iphone as we were trying to make our way to blockbuster for some movies)

and the best part was that it snowed on friday. and by saturday late afternoon, it was almost all gone.


Thursday, February 11, 2010


first let me say...

holy interior decorating heaven, batman!

now as i wipe the drool from my keyboard...

while visiting family in pensacola florida, my mama and i have discovered a little treasure. it is an interior decorating shop called duh! in downtown pensacola. and y'all...i'm not kidding. it is seriously heavenly.

what seems to be a quaint little shop from the outside turns into a huge mecca of interior decorating fabulousness. from the front building you go into a huge courtyard, into a 2-story old house, into another building behind that, that entices  you to the warehouse across the street. each and every inch is crammed with decorating goodies. 

of course, over christmas, my g-mom, mama and i all ventured to duh!. i like to draw my inspiration from that store. it is so unique. they are set up like a bunch of rooms. it feels like you are walking into people's living rooms, kitchens and apartments. i love the set-up. like i much inspiration.

here are my shots from our trip.

2 things about duh that are drawbacks for me...
1. it is outrageously priced. hundreds and thousands of dollars for some things. don't mind if i do just take 1000 pictures for inspiration. i am all about DIY or finding a cheaper alternative.
2. they love white. now, don't get me wrong. i am obsessed with white. but i am also obsessed with adding punches of color everywhere. they don't do a lot of color. not my cup of tea personally.

if you are ever in the area, seriously go. GO. 
they do not have a website {tear} but i have attached their information {here}.

anything that catches your eye? what about all the white? do you love? hate? like a mixture {like me!}? 
do tell.
these are just my personal opinions. i was not compensated in away to review the store or their products. i just love it so much that i wanted to share with my readers :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

patterned bliss

anthropologie {sigh}
you had me at hello {wonderfully patterned pieces}

please send these {and some warmer temperatures} my way.
all of these fabulous pieces can be found {here}

a better morning

shut up.
now this would make my mornings just a little better. 
how adorable is that?

found on design*sponge. made by waysideviolet

Monday, February 8, 2010


it's my sister's birthday today!
happy birthday sis!!!
go visit her blog {here} and send her some sweet birthday wishes.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


i don't know why i haven't mentioned this...

but did you know that my favorite football team is going to the superbowl???

i'm beyond excited for my saints to be in the superbowl. my family is obsessed with this team (we have lots of connections to that wonderful city) and are out of our minds excited to be cheering for our saints today. 

i'm off to a superbowl get-together tonight where i will be bringing a king cake...

to represent one of my favorite cities in the world. 

oh when the saints go marching in,
oh when the saints go marching in,
oh Lord i want to be in that number,
when the saints go marching in.
photos from here and here.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

grammy fashion

i love this award season. my favorite part is obviously the fashion and i loved all the pretty eye candy of dresses at the grammy's last weekend. the grammy's are probably my favorite when it comes to fashion. i love the bold choices and colors. i really love that this is the awards show to take chances. 
just like i did with the golden globes {here} i thought i would give y'all a little peek into my absolute favorite looks of the night.
miley cyrus

lea michele (how freaking awesome is that dress? it's my fave)

fergie (2nd fave)

carrie underwood (duh..always looks fabulous!)

Friday, February 5, 2010

lovely friday

this friday is all about boots. this winter i have become obsessed with boots. (it started out with my ugg boots years ago and now it's all i want for winter). 

i have a pair of alfani black boots that i live in. literally. after becoming obsessed with leggings this year, i throw on a pair of leggings and my black boots almost all the time. it is so comfy and yet i feel put together. 

i want to increase my boot collection. i would like all of these sent to me asap.

black buckle boots

justin women's cowboy boots 
i have a pair that i wear for horseback riding. i would like this pair to wear with a pair of jeans for everyday wear. my boots now smell like a barn. 

gray suede boots

a winter staple

boots = lovely

and while on the topic, as i was searching for boots i came across these booties. precious. i would like to rock these with a dress. please and thank you. 

i searched for all of these boots in google images. therefore, i don't know all of the brands. my apologies but if you share!