Wednesday, August 31, 2011

vino and van gogh

here in my wonderful city of greenville south carolina, we have recently had a few artsy places pop up. they are all the same idea - you pick a painting off the website and sign up. then you go paint the fancy painting with friends and bring your own wine and munchies. it's a really fun idea and one that i was definitely on board with.

one of my friends and i decided it was time to pick a painting and go. we ended up picking vino and van gogh out of the 3 places in greenville that offer it. we picked a fancy monet painting of a bridge over water. i wish they still had the picture up so you could see what it looked like when they painted it but alas - they have taken it down.

on second thought, i'm happy they took it down. now you have nothing to compare ours to and maybe that is a good thing? we are amateurs people. NOT ARTSY.

so our finished product after two hours of painting:

mine on the left. my friend jaime's on the right. 
excuse the blackberry picture. neither of us brought a camera to take pics.

overall it was a super fun experience. i definitely didn't have a perfect painting at the end but i still love it and we really had a great time. i am not artsy at all but it was therapeutic to sit there for two hours while the teacher (who was absolutely fabulous might i add) walked us through what to do next. and it was great to spend time with a friend and chat about life. while having a little glass of wine.

a fun little evening for all.


jenna said...

i want to do this!!!

Marquin Designs said...


Come do it!

I'm so glad I found this (I was your teacher) I just googled vino & van Gogh and your sweet little blog popped up!

Thanks for the shout out. You should be proud of your painting!


Shannon said...

I am so happy you found my little blog about your studio. we had a great time and will definitely come back again!

and jenna - when you come into town next time, i will take you! it's very fun!

Diamonddigger said...

what a great idea!! i would love to do this!!!