Sunday, October 16, 2011


hello dear friends.

i am sitting here on a sunday night thinking about how i want to be better about posting on this blog. i love blogging and documenting my life and thoughts. right now, i'm sitting on the couch with my hubby, puppy sleeping on the floor and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins cooling off on the stove and football on tv. it's the perfect time to update you on my y life as of late.

three weeks ago this weekend, i married my best friend. sounds so cliche but it is so true. we had a glorious wedding day. the weather was absolutely perfect and we were surrounded by our dear loved ones. our good friend eric married us that day and i can't even begin to describe how much we loved everything he said to us. we were so encouraged as we said our "i do's". the reception was everything i had pictured in my head for so many months before. twinkle lights strung above a little garden area made for the most perfect setting. we had such a wonderful time but my goodness it goes by so quickly.

monday after the wedding, we were whisked away to our 10-day honeymoon. off to vieques (an island right off of puerto rico). it was absolute perfection. gorgeous resort, wonderful tropical island, perfect sunny weather and the most relaxing trip ever. it is such a blessing to spend such precious time with my new hubby. pictures to come soon...

last week was our first week back in the "real world". it is bittersweet. nice to be back home but i still miss the beach and our view from breakfast every morning. but being home and having a hubby in the apartment is such a sweet experience.

and some fun little news...2 weeks from today we are moving to a new place. such an exciting time for us. we live about 20 minutes outside of greenville right now and we are moving up to the city. we are so happy to be closer to everything and have a bigger place. we are a little crammed in my one-bedroom apartment with a girl, a new hubby, a puppy who isn't little and a bazillion wedding boxes. i have already begun getting things ready to be packed up and getting rid of things that don't need to come with us. i love moving (true story) so i am excited for the next two weeks to happen.

that is all for now my friends. hopefully will stay committed to blogging more often. i made a list of things that i wanted to blog about so hopefully that will keep me on track.

and of course, i will blog wedding pictures (when i get them) and honeymoon pictures soon. i know there are some ladies out there who are antsy to see our pictures.

happy sunday night sweets.


jenna said...

yay! love this:) and i am one of the antsy ones... love you friend!

Cory said...

YAY! Love you :)