Wednesday, December 14, 2011

girl christmas

we counted. this is girl christmas #10. i can't believe we have held this tradition for 10 years. it is truly one of my most favorite traditions that comes with this season and i love that we just keep going. we will be 80 year old ladies one day and will all be at girl christmas. i just know it. we all cherish it way too much to stop the tradition anytime soon.

this year was one for the books. perhaps one of my favorites yet? it was so special to spend time with these girls and see what everyone crafted. we chatted it up, opened gifts, squealed, ate gouda bites and sweet treats and hung out all day long. it couldn't be any more perfect.

this year (as we have done the past 3 years), the rule was that everyone would make a little something for each girl. and those little somethings have to be crafted (which make them extra special).

my craft this year was little picture magnets made to look like polaroids.

each girl got 6 magnets. some had jenna's gorgeous pictures (like those above), some had pictures of weddings, babies and families. they turned out wonderfully and i was so happy that each girl felt the same.

i originally got the idea from {here} which links up to {this tutorial}. i followed that tutorial completely. she even has a template to use in photoshop (which was the most helpful thing ever). I had some trouble finding the perfect backing for the pictures. i tried foam board (don't even think about it) and also tried artist drawing board. neither worked well and were super hard to cut. i ended up using the back of 2 notebooks. they were thicker cardboard but not too thick where i had a lot of difficulty cutting them out.

that is all i will say about that. i will let you follow her tutorial if you ever give this craft a whirl but feel free to ask any questions. it was a lot of trial and error for this girl.

the rest of the weekend was spent eating yummy food, shopping, staying up way too late, watching a christmas movie and squeezing baby parker.

it was such a great weekend. went by so so fast but A and I had such a great time. my goodness we are so blessed with such awesome friends in lexington.

until next year...