Thursday, November 8, 2012

sephora haul

sephora's VIB event is going on right now and i stopped in tonight to browse and fill my cart up with things i didn't need treat myself to a little pre-birthday shopping. i picked up some things that i was almost out of and grabbed a few things that caught my eye.

some favorites i wanted to share...

i tried this bumble and bumble oil as a sample first and really liked it. i have been using moroccan oil for a few years now and am almost out so i thought i would give this a try to see if i liked it any better. turns out i do. would definitely recommend!

also grabbed this bumble and bumble spray in a small trial size. i have heard great things and have wanted to give it a try for awhile. we'll see how it goes. anyone out there in blog land tried this? would love to hear your feedback!

this one was my birthday gift to myself - make up forever star powder in pearl gold. i have been looking for an eyeshadow with this kind of texture and color and it's exactly what i was looking for. picture this with lots of mascara and a red lip for the holiday season....LOVE.

any favorite things that you have recently purchased and loved? love hearing recommendations!

if you too are a VIB member at sephora, the event is going on for the next few days. enter code CELEBRATE at checkout to redeem the 20% off. 

all pictures from sephora.


Jen said...

i've seen lots of people recommend the surf spray! i always wanted to try it since you know...i rarely fix my hair. let me know what you think of it.

Fran said...

Sephora ruins me with the VIB thing. Because it really does make me feel very important even though I know pretty much everyone is one.

I am a B&B fiend. I bought the surf spray a long time ago, but wasn't totally sold. Their products are usually fantastic, but I'd tried drug store surf sprays that gave me an equally effective salty-haired look as it's expensive B&B counterpart.

I'm sorry I'm not sorry I can talk so much about hair products. My favorite lately:{keyword}&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=1432038

Happy Birthday! I am living vicariously through your Sephora adventure ;)