Sunday, November 7, 2010

hello to you again

it has been like 3 weeks. should we discuss? there really isn't much to say other than i haven't felt very inspired to write. and everytime i think about blogging, i don't know what to say. or i think "i need to take pictures and write that post" and it just doesn't happen. so here we are. 3 weeks later...with no updates. which is unacceptable in my blogging book.

so let's get a little update on shan, shall we?

1. the besties came in town for a weekend. if you are a friend IRL, then you have probably already read about it here, here, here or even here. we're (read: they're) dedicated bloggers like that. to say the weekend was perfect would be an understatement. i feel incredibly blessed to have these women in my life and to have them visit me for a weekend. we got to celebrate birthdays, babies and friendships.

{all of these gorg photos from my friend jenna}

2. i love my city. see above pictures.

3. it is officially fall here in SC. it has been pretty warm up until 2ish weeks ago and then it started to feel like fall. i've been wearing my jeggings and new boots. and i *lurve* it.

4.  speaking of *lurve*, i have fallen into *lurve* with fro yo. there is a little place downtown that is perfect. organic and healthy. i would definitely say it is an acquired taste but my taste buds acquired it pretty quickly.

5. halloween weekend was pretty low key around here. on friday, my company participated in a little event here in town for special needs kids. my friend from work, cc, and i got to dress up and give out candy to little kids. CUTE.

the rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with A and my pup. on sunday (halloween), A and i went to the movies and saw "the town". it was very much a shoot 'em up, bang bang kind of guy flick but i still really liked it.

and then we went to chipotle. in past years, i have dressed myself as a giant burrito (wrapped myself in loads of aluminum foil) and gotten a free burrito. this year, chipotle changed it up a bit and you had to dress up as a scary processed food and you got a free $2 burrito/bowl/salad. you can bet i participated and i dragged A along as well. with my craftiness and construction paper, i dressed up as a piece of pizza. A was a french fry. and we ate delicious food for all of $5. i know you are jealous.

6. this weekend i finally finished up "eat pray love". it was good. however, as a girl who loves the Lord, you definitely need to take it with a grain of salt. i definitely didn't believe everything that she believes/wrote about. however, it was still a good read. now onto the movie...

7. this weekend, my mama and sister come into town for my bday weekend. i couldn't be more excited (especially since it has been 4 months since i have seen them). too bad pops can't come along but we will all be together for christmas (which is so soon and i still refuse to accept it).

8. my bday is in 3 days. get ready to celebrate the best holiday of the year my friends :)

until next time (which i promise will be soon)....


Heather said...

Yay for fro yogurt, and Chipotles!