Sunday, October 10, 2010

sunday musings

wow. it has been about 2 weeks since i posted...maybe the longest i have ever gone neglecting my little ol' blog. but i have been busy and am ready to share what's going on in the life of shan.

1. last weekend, i scooted out of town for a little trip with two of my besties. julie and laura are two of the most wonderful girls in my life. we all led on the same younglife team in lexington. it was beyond perfect. exactly what i needed. we had been talking about taking a little trip and it finally happened. we all met up in destin for 5 days of girl vacation. i can't even begin to tell you how much it was needed for me. girl time. all we did was talk and eat and layout and relax and spend time just the 3 of us. and the only pictures we took were the ones "make the most ugly face that comes to mind" kind of pictures...and all on julie's camera. but the last day we were there, i did sneak out on our balcony and take a picture of our view. 

2. and this weekend was a fabulous one too. have i mentioned to you that downtown greenville is absolutely fabulous and they have lots of fun events in the fall? this weekend was "fall for greenville". a little food tasting event where all the local businesses come out and you go to whatever tents you want and score some grub. it wasn't that expensive and was oh so fun. that will definitely have to be a yearly tradition.

3. i discovered a new blog. one that is teaching me little by little how to save dollars and go from couponing beginner to couponing queen. {this blog} is fabulous. crystal teaches you about how to coupon right and gives you deal after deal. i started off reading "31 days to a better budget" series and am hooked. she teaches you ways to save and (my favorite) teaches you how to play the drug store game. it really is a great resource and i am slowly learning how to save dollars.

4. it is fall outside. although, SC weather is a little confused. its like 50 degrees in the AM and by 1:00 in the afternoon it turns into 80 degree heat. this makes it hard to dress to go anywhere. and this is the first year i have really had trouble transitioning into fall. and it is SUCH a problem. (note the hint of sarcasm in that sentence).

5. since it is fall, i may as well make my apartment smell like it. i decorated for fall this weekend (aka: put two fall-ish decorations out...hence "decorated" shouldn't be used very strongly). glade has a limited edition candle out right now and since i have a "buy one get one free" coupon, i have been on the hunt for this specific scent. cashmere woods. smells amazing. but i can't find it anywhere. so i suggest you go get your hands on one quick. unless you live in the greenville, sc area. then ignore this and scroll on down to number 6. 

6. UK football needs to get it together. that is all i have to say on that subject. moving on...