Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day

i haven't had a snow day since i was in college. which really wasn't a snow day...i just decided to skip classes if i didn't feel like walking in the snow. but, as i am sure you have heard, the south got dumped on this week and i have had 3 snow days from work. that's right - i wake up in the morning to check my email and get all excited when i see "office closed today". it's just like when you were in high school and you wake up to watch the school closing run across the bottom of the tv. 3 snow days from work. i mean how fabulous is that?

this means that i have been doing a whole lot of nothing. i haven't changed out of my pjs. i keep them on all day. i mean - it really is a treat. i have watched tv, cleaned my apartment (some), played with K and caught up on my blog reading. 

speaking of K - somebody is obsessed with the snow. OBSESSED people. i have seen my puppy throw tantrums because i don't let him go outside to run in the snow for hours on end. how i wish i had a backyard!

so i will leave you with my absolute favorite one of K in the snow...

happy snow days my friends :)


Anne said...

Our dogs would be such great friends! Moose loves the snow too.