Wednesday, April 20, 2011

playing {wedding} catch up

wow it has been awhile. life has been a little crazy and the blog has been neglected. but i am back and hopefully for a good long time.

i left off with an engagement and then i just left you. we have been in full wedding planning mode over here and a lot has happened since we last spoke. i have had visitors galore (purdy, jen, family and then gil). two weeks from now, sweet jules is coming to visit. her first time to greenville and i am oh so very excited. it's so wonderful to live in a city that you know will excite your guests. any of you who have visited know how much charm our downtown holds. and i am excited to show it to jules.

so a little wedding update...shall we? i'll just give you a little list of things that we have accomplished in the past 4 months.

  • the date - September 24th, 2011. which will go down as the best day of my life.
  • the city - Greenville, SC
  • a place to say "I do" - a pretty church with stained glass galore. can you imagine the pictures?
  • a place to party after the ceremony - a historic home with a backyard to die for. 
  • my dress? check. 
  • bridesmaids dresses (for all 8 of my gorgeous girls)? double check. 
  • a fantastic photographer that will document our best day? perfectly selected.
  • honeymoon - 10 days of glorious vacation booked in the caribbean.
  • things to chow down on and pretty flowers - in the works.
  • registering (i will go ahead and sound selfish - we had so much fun. you shoot a laser gun and boom - you have a chance of getting it as a gift) registries are complete!

so there is a little update for you blog stalkers out there. that is...if you haven't abandoned me. i wouldn't blame you. it's been ages people. ages.

i will do a blog post on each of the bulleted items above and delve into more details than you probably care to hear soon. a wedding inspiration board and pictures galore will be coming your way soon!

it's good to be back my friends. it's good to be back.


Cory said...

YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I'm SOO happy you're back! I can't wait to read more things! Love you!!

Jen said...

it's about damn time.

baaaahahahaah i just laughed at myself. love you & please don't stop!

ps - went to the catlady yesterday just to make sure that she could alter the dress and then she pinned me right there, only like 6 months early :) bahhhhahah. it looked PRECIOUS pinned though. I'M PUMPED! I should have taken a pic for you!

Julie said...

PUT UP ALL THE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!! And take me to the real places next weekend. :)