Sunday, November 13, 2011

lately {according to my iphone}

so my birthday came and went and it was wonderful. i took a 1/2 day off of work just because. no one wants to sit at a desk for 8 hours on their birthday. so i didn't and it was perfect.

for my birthday night, A and i went to my favorite restaurant downtown. i know i have written about going here before {here and here}. i guess i'm predictable like that. i don't switch it up for my birthday. i want my favorite and so off we went.

and i actually paused before chowing down to take a picture. i told you the food was delish and now you can see for yourself.

also for my birthday, i knew i wanted to try a bold lip. i have seen a few bloggers + lots of inspiration on pinterest with bold lip colors and i knew i wanted to try it. my birthday dinner seemed like the perfect time to go for it.

let's just say i am now obsessed with a bold lip, found a new favorite lip product and immediately ordered a red one to try over the holidays. life is too short to not have pretty lips.

A and I had to run to charlotte this weekend and spent a little time at the mall there. does anyone get completely inspired by the visual merchandising at anthropologie? i do and i took this picture to DIY it someday just because it was that awesome.

yes...those are plastic spoons.

and last but not least, tonight i bought a couple of birthday treats for myself...

that is enough randomness for one post i think!


aaron john said...

i do agree with you no one want to stay in office for hours on her birthday.......i myself take full day leave and spend out my whole day with my friends
unusual birthday venues london

melanie said...

bold lip - cute!

jill said...

Those earrings are super cute!

x. jill
those ghosts