Wednesday, November 9, 2011

welcome home

so A and I have been in our new place for 10 days now. we absolutely adore where we are now. the location is perfect and we have so much more room then we had in my tiny one-bedroom apartment. we are loving our little rental home.

10 days later....and we are still unpacking. i didn't think i had that much stuff to move but i guess i do. i would say we are about 70% unpacked and settled. it has been so great to be able to make this house our home. i felt like when A moved into my other place (even though it was just for a month), i still felt like it was "my" place. but now it feels different and we love it.

i figured i would let my iphone pictures do the talking. we are more unpacked and the boxes aren't completely taking over anymore (although we still have a good amount to unpack). i will do a little house tour once we are all unpacked. there are definitely things we want to get to fill our house a little more but that will have to wait. it takes time and dollars to make a house what you want it to be. little by little i am sure we will get there.

onto the pictures...

moving day. my little car was packed to the brim.

our new kitchen filled with boxes

a small part of our living room. ignore the hideous curtains. can't wait to get our own.

bought the prettiest tulips ever at whole foods. flowers instantly make a house feel more "homey"

can't wait to give you a little tour soon!