Wednesday, May 2, 2012

warby parker

i have been wearing the same glasses for maybe the past 5 or 6 years. when i don't have my contacts in, i basically have to wear glasses because my nearsightedness causes me to be blind as a bat (unless i'm reading). although i love those little pink frames, i must say that in the past few months i have grown increasingly tired of them.

i had heard of warby parker a few times just from reading blogs and being on twitter. so i decided to give them a try. they are a great company that charges great prices and also donates a pair of glasses to someone in need whenever someone buys a pair. so i was on board.

wp has a home try on program where you can order 5 pairs and they ship them (FREE OF CHARGE) to your house. you get to keep them for 5 days and then send them back (again for FREE!). i actuallly did their home try on twice. i found a pair that i liked in the first set but then they released their spring line. so i had a few pairs that weren't around before to try on.

i immediately knew when i put these little tortoise shell glasses on that they were the ones for me. i loved them and ordered them soon after shipping my home try on order back.

i had a great experience with warby parker. they have great service, amazing prices and give back to charity. if any of y'all are in the market for new glasses, i would recommend them to anyone.

warby parker has no idea who i am or about this little ol' blog. i just wanted to share about this company because i was so pleased with their product and service. :)


Anne said...

Those glasses are adorable on you - I like them a lot! And I miss you, friend!

Jen said...

you're a doll. i think you picked the perfect pair! i'm going to see if they have boy glasses. Ben's in the market for some. LOVE YOU FRIEND!

Cory said...

You look presh in those glasses! Love you friend!