Tuesday, June 26, 2012

healthy start

many mornings i find myself in the kitchen making a quick smoothie before work. i have tweaked it quite a few times from the original smoothie {recipe found here} but for the most part, keep it pretty much the same. i just add spinach to get a serving of greens in {and no you can't taste it...promise}.

my recipe is:

*8-9 strawberries
*a handful of blueberries
*a handful of spinach
*1/2 cup OJ
*a small spoonful of honey
*a small spoonful of ground flax seeds
*10-12 ice cubes

Mix it all together in a blender. Pour it in a big glass. I usually stick it in the freezer as I finish getting ready for the day and then grab it and go. In my opinion, 10 minutes of making it is worth getting in a good serving of fruit and veggie first thing in the morning.


Scarllet Gonçalves said...

it look so yummy and health
at the same time,thank you for sharing the recipe :)
Have a good day beautiful
kiss from Brazil

mhay said...

polka dots glass!
love! smoothie yum!

Heba said...

looks nice, thanks for sharing the recipe