Wednesday, June 20, 2012

working it out: in my gym bag

i have mentioned before that i wanted to start talking more about my passion of fitness and eating better and then i forgot. so i figured i would give you another little "working it out" post.

this time, i want to talk about my favorite necessities for the gym. many times, you will find me in an old tshirt and running shorts. that is pretty typical. however, when i took on spin, i had to find some pants to wear for class.  i picked some out and wear them every spin class. they are super comfy (not see thru at all) and fit really well.


if i need to wear shorts, my favorites actually come from old navy. although i do love the color options that nike has, i just can't justify the price. ON actually has some great ones and i have gotten them on super sale too. i love them!

i also have some fantastic shirts from victoria's secret that i have quickly become obsessed with. sometimes a tshirt is too heavy and too much to wear. something along the lines of this but without the writing.


a few months ago, i had to get some new shoes because my old ones were super worn. my new motto? go bright or go home.

and last, you can't survive in the gym without a water bottle. last year i discovered bkr and haven't looked back since. i carry mine everywhere - they are perfect.

also, my little blue ipod nano comes with me to the gym. i can't do cardio without having music to motivate me to go faster.

so there is a typical "what's in my gym bag" post. do y'all have any favorites that you can't go to the gym without? how about some of your favorite workout songs? do share!