Tuesday, October 9, 2012

instagram: {august and september}

august and september were both wonderful. we traveled up to lexington a few different times for different wedding festivities. two of my very best friends {holly} and {jenna} got married a month apart from each other. being in both weddings, i got to be around each bride on her big day which made me so very happy. both girls are very dear to me and each wedding was uniquely wonderful and perfect.

my instagram feed can sum up how much fun was had during our visits...

{a good way to start and end a trip to kentucky}

{the drive up to kentucky is absolutely gorgeous}

{learning the wobble which became the official bridesmaids dance of the night}

{gorgeous holly}

{my sweet hubs}

{all dolled up for jenna's wedding}

{lovely gilfedder}

{my sweet little E helping aunt shan get ready}


{besties since high school}

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