Wednesday, October 3, 2012


i have been thinking a lot lately about creativity. i was asked a few weeks ago how i like to express my creative side and i answered with things like: writing and cooking/baking. that is about all i could come up with. while those are both wonderful things, i want to do more of them as well as find other ways to allow myself to be creative.

 i want to do, make, style, think, and create. i want to challenge myself. 

i have a pinterest account where i pin beautiful and inspiring images over and over. yet, i have only made a few recipes from my food board. i have thousands of images that are pinned, that inspire me to be creative and make things...and yet i don't.

i don't really know where this all came from. maybe that little question that was asked so passingly "what do you do to be creative" sparked me to really think about it.

so here i am...making this commitment to myself.

i want to write more. i want to think and create more. i want to make things.

so i am going to start.