Monday, September 27, 2010

i'm going to make a great wife someday

wanna know why?

because i am GREAT in the kitchen.

in high school, i set toast on fire in the toaster oven. so i freaked out and threw water on it. yep that's right. i threw water on the electric toaster oven.

in college, i set toast on fire again (in a toaster oven). i learned my lesson and blew out the flames this time. however, i did this in the morning when i was rushing out the door for work. i'm preeeeeety sure i left a note on the whiteboard that said "roomies...i'll explain the smell later". (remember that rach and shave?)

last week i added to my fabulousness in the kitchen. i was making something on the stove and accidentally turned on the wrong burner. you know....the burner that i had set my most favorite colander on. a few minutes later i smelled burning plastic....

and of course....

notice the perfectly placed burner marks on my colander. my favorite colander that was mint green that matched my little kitchen. may you RIP.

i'm sure A is very excited to have me as a wife someday. i've got some serious skills in the kitchen.


Cory said...

This made me laugh A LOT! Love you Shan!

Julie said...

AAHHHAAhahahahah!! I love it. I love how you look in that pic. It's real sad.