Sunday, June 5, 2011

date night

it was long overdue. we hadn't had a fun little date night in months. little trips, sicknesses and other little things prevented us from heading out as a couple. but we finally planned and made it happen last night.

we started off the late afternoon by running a few wedding errands. off to michael's, target and world market to pick up things for our reception. it always feels so nice to get a few things checked off your wedding to-do list. or any to-do list for that matter. but we did. and my little convertible was packed full of fun little things.

next up? off to see a movie. i mentioned we had a few groupons/living social deals to use so we planned our date night around using some of these deals (cheap!!!). we each bought a deal a few months ago to get 2 movie tickets for $9. and since we both bought the deal, we had 4 tickets to use. and for some reason, we decided to wait until the very last weekend before they expired to use them. so last night - off we went to see the new "x men" movie.

we both enjoyed it. x men movies are always good (at least in our book). definitely recommend. 

after the movie, we went to a new (for us) restaurant downtown. it is a little restaurant tucked away on a side street known for their tapas and wine. 

we each tried new things that were hit or miss. tempura asparagus? my absolute fave of the night. A loved the ribs he ordered. 

and just because little girly things make me happy - i got to wear a new nars lipstick (nars barbarella) i ordered from sephora a few months ago. a peachy coral color that is oh so perfect for summertime. 

(prettiest little photo of lipstick from this sweet blog)

we definitely need to be better about taking sweet date nights like that more often. our 4 year anniversary is coming up this month and you know what that means? another date night and another excuse to put on some lipstick? AND we get to go to my absolute favorite restaurant. it ain't cheap so we reserve it for special occasions (shan's bday and our anniversary). so i am super looking forward to it. 

happy date nights!