Monday, June 6, 2011

meal planning

i am not so good at this. but i am going to try. maybe putting it out there in blogland will help me be more accountable on doing this every week. i won't start big and pretend i am going to cook a meal every night. but i am going to try and plan out my meals a little better. i am a little sick of getting home from work and thinking asking A "what should we have for dinner?" i'm sure he loves coming to visit me and getting that question over and over again. so here i am - trying to plan a little better (and inspired by a blog i love - christi over at burlap and basil)

so here it goes. my hopeful meals for this week:

-tortellini or ravioli with homemade marinara (thanks jules!)
-roasted white corn & shallot pasta (recipe found here)
-black bean taquitos
-large salad with a side of sweet potato fries
-strawberry flax smoothie (for breakfast)

i'm not going to assign them to different days. i'll wait and see what sounds good on the day of. but let's hope that i can stick to it and fix some good, healthy and homemade meals this week. and if i can stick to this, maybe this can become a regular feature on the blog - not only to keep me accountable but to share ideas and recipes with friends.


The Reedy River Recessionista said...

Good for you with the meal planning! I started doing this a few months ago and its AMAZING how much money you save (and usually calories, too). Good luck with it, can't wait to see how it goes!