Thursday, June 2, 2011


hello sweet bloggers.

i do believe it is time for a little list.

1. two days after my previous blog post, i woke up at 5am to watch a wedding. as a girl planning her own, how could i possibly miss the royal wedding? it doesn't hurt that i think kate middleton is adorable and has a great sense of style. i couldn't miss seeing the dress she choose to marry a prince.

2. our wedding is less than 4 months away which makes me want to pass out. i have a lot of things to do. i need to print out every picture that i call inspiration and hang them on a blank wall in my apartment. i feel like that will help me focus.

3. in the beginning of may, i had a sweet bestie come visit. it was julie's first time to greenville and so we definitely had a jam packed weekend filled with good food, long talks, wine and adventuring downtown. i feel so blessed to have the friends that i do. (ps: did we take any pictures to show you? of course not. i am such a good blogger)

4. i took a little trip to kentucky a few weeks ago. it was in the works for sometime but it was a super secret. i went to surprise this little lady....

since she had just had this little guy....

isn't he just the cutest? i couldn't wait to go see her/meet him any longer. the fun part? she had no idea i was coming. 

rachel - i so wish i could've captured the look on your face when i walked into your house. your hubby did a good job of keeping you in the dark. it was the best weekend to be able to be with you and love on you and E for a bit. i just wish it could happen way more often. kiss parker for me :)

5. and to update you on this past weekend - it was lovely. A and i went to the lake house and spent two days with A's family. it was great to relax and be out in the sun. i went as the pastiest (its a word) girl ever (my skin is see-thru) and came back a little less pasty. i need a summer tan something fierce (#whitegirlproblems).

6. i'm hoping to have a little date night this weekend with A. we need to use up some groupons/living social deals that we have bought in the past few months. i'm thinking we will use the groupon for a tapas restaurant this weekend. that sounds delish.

7. do y'all groupon or living social? if not - you definitely should. they are great sites that send (really good) deals out everyday. usually they are 50% off or more deals to local restaurants, salons and adventures. we heart it.

8. so it's june and it is already 75 billion degrees outside. is this happening to everyone right now or is it just us lucky south carolinians that get punched in the face by heat everytime we walk out the door?

i have much more to discuss with you but i will leave it at that for now. happy thursday my sweets!