Sunday, February 19, 2012

a new use for something old and pretty

while i was perusing a new blog find recently, i came across a little craft inspiration. i had a desktop calendar i had received for my birthday a little over a year ago {thanks rach!} and was trying to figure out what to do with it since the year was up. it was too pretty to just toss in the trash so imagine my surprise when this new blog showed me just what to do {here}.

i had a bunch of pretty leftover calendar sheets...

and just cut them up however i could. i made big pieces to perhaps use as little cards (or perhaps stick in a frame like she featured?). i also cut some small pieces to use as gift tags.

pretty right? there was one that i couldn't bare to cut up. september. since A and i got married in september of 2011, i thought of a different use for this one.

i added a little heart on our wedding date and am going to frame it and put it in a wall of frames. wanted to keep this one as a reminder of that wonderful day (and showcase that pretty design that was featured that month).

it's stored away safely until i start building a wall of frames someday.

any fun craft projects y'all have been working on?