Thursday, February 2, 2012

best vacation ever {part 3}

final recap of our honeymoon...

poolside at the resort

dinner at the lounge restaurant one night. A got a cheeseburger. i got a puerto rican rice and beans dish and sauteed veggies. 

our little kitty friend. we named her kitty and wanted to take her home. she was so dang cute and always came to say hi at night because she always got dinner from us. kitty always had her tongue hanging out of her mouth. she was adorable but camera shy.

dinner. you can see the fire pit in the background.

we took a taxi one of our last nights and went to a restaurant called next course. had a yummy dinner with my new hubby!

i'm pretty sure this was our last night on the honeymoon. picture in our room before dinner.

we had such a wonderful time. some highlights that i wanted to mention (that i didn't get pictures of):
- bio bay tour. vieques has the largest bio bay in the world. we took kayaks out and in the bay, they have plankton that glow when they are disturbed in the water. so if a fish swims or you put your hand in the water, it glows with plankton. it was gorgeous. 
- hanging by the fire pit on one of our last nights with other newlyweds that had just arrived for their honeymoons.
- walking to get fruit at the cafe everyday.
- lunch in downtown esperanza at duffys. yummy food on the water.
- sitting at the pool. the chairs were wonderful, the pool was perfect and they had chairs that sat in the pool. we spent a lot of time there.

love reminiscing about our perfect vacation. let's go back A?


Jen said...

obsessed with your long purple maxi. i wish it was mine - real bad. i'm glad you all had such a fun time together and that it was GORGEOUS!

melanie said...

aw, looks perfect :)