Monday, February 6, 2012

lip arsenal

remember {here} when i mentioned that one of my NY resolutions was to wear more lipstick? well it's because i have enough lip products to supply an army of make-up loving women. seriously. i tote around 12 lipsticks/glosses/balms in my purse every single day. i think i have a problem. so my goal is to use them way more so i don't feel so bad about the fact that i have so many! so i thought i would share my arsenal with you.

{top to bottom: super strawberry, mega melon, chunky cherry}

these three clinique chubby sticks are my absolute favorites. i am really loving a colorful lip look right now and these are perfect to get one. i need to be brave and learn to wear them everyday (see one of my favorite bloggers here - she rocks a lip all the time and i am jealous of her courage. it always looks so good!)

next up are the balms that i carry around. apparently i'm a little brand loyal with my lip balms. all three are from fresh. the larger ones are no color. the smaller one (that i got for free with my sephora points) has a pinkish/red tint to it.

{L to R: advanced treatment, sugar, sugar rose}

and then there are the others. ones that i have toted with me for quite sometime. all collected over a few years (the laura mercier is new-ish. kinda like a balm but is very red. love to swipe it one with just mascara on!)

{L to R: nars turkish delight, mac lipglass in viva glam vi, laura mercier in crimson, nars lipsticks in dolce vita and barbarella, jouer in birchbox pink (came as a sample this month in my birchbox).}

so those are all my faves. i would recommend the clinique chubby sticks over anything else. i really love them a lot.

any other bloggers out there have a fun lip beauty product to share?


★ JASMINE ★ said...

lovely new post hun! great photos!

hugs, xo!

Fran said...

Whenever I see the Chubby Sticks, I want them. Because I am a sucker for marketing.

Fresh Sugar in Plum is one of my favorites. Oh my gosh. It may as well be velvet on my lips.

M.A.C. Viva Glam I is my favorite matte lipstick.

NARS had a matte lip stain that I CANNOT find now, but was also a favorite.

Lip gloss is Too Faced in Sex Pot. I think I have bought it like eight times. It is that amazing.

Apparently I have a lip arsenal, too!

I want to try a really flirty pink but I tend to gravitate to the dark dramatic ones.

Emily said...

i am the SAME way as you!! i tend to buy a lipstick/gloss almost every time i am at the drugstore or target. it's getting bad. and then i don't even wear them that much! have you tried the new revlon lip butters? loving those lately :)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

awww, look at all that lipstick. just adore! i'm always a fan of mac and NARS lipstick :)
xo TJ