Wednesday, January 18, 2012

working it out

over the last year, i have really gotten into a healthier lifestyle of going to the gym and eating better. since it has become a big passion of mine, i figured i would start talking a bit about my favorite exercises as well as maybe share some of my favorite eating tips with y'all. so here we go...

i have grown to love going to group classes. i feel like i push myself a lot harder in group classes because i have a trainer hollaring at me to go harder. my usual rotation during the week includes abs class, intense body, and yoga. however, i have found a new favorite. have y'all ever tried spinning? i tried it for the first time back in december and i have to say that i am absolutely hooked. i don't think i ever sweat as much as i do in spin class (TMI?) it's definitely my new favorite class to take at my gym.

lately, i have been looking online for some new workouts to do if i want to change it up and exercise on my own. i also met with a trainer for a few sessions (too bad i can't afford to meet with one all the time. thank goodness the few sessions i had were all free!) ever tried burpees? {described here} i absolutely hate them but they really are such a great thing to incorporate into a routine. definitely have to add the pushup in there to make it harder.

i found this quote on pinterest awhile back that i repeat often in the gym. over and over again when i have to run, do burpees or anything else that pushes me hard. i promise it works!

this is a good one too...

have y'all tried any workouts lately that you love? i love chatting about this stuff so feel free to share!


Baby Momma said...

Group fitness is a great motivator. I like to consider myself a workout queen (well not so much right now since I'm preggos) but on the days when I can't make it to the gym or don't feel like doing a group class, I do interval training. Cardio (jump rope, jacks, mnt climbers, etc.) mixed with strength training. I do everything really quickly so I build up a sweat and really get my heart pumping...and then I repeat whatever combo I've chosen 3-4 times. It's always really hard but usually a shorter workout than a spin, yoga, or kick boxing class...and I think when you incorporate interval training, that's when you see the most results. Pintrest's fitness page actually has some awesome quick interval workouts posted! check it it! plitio

Courtney B said...

I LOVE spinning! I'm getting certified right now to be a spin instructor!
Running sucks but running works. I'd definitely make time to do that once or twice a week along with spinning and the other group classes.
I've been dying to try a kick boxing class. I always hear the best things about that!