Monday, August 27, 2012


it's absolutely not a secret that i am obsessed with jewels. it just might be my ultimate weakness...that or chocolate. both fantastic if you ask me.

i have recently stumbled across bauble bar...a website that has an assortment of wonderful jewels to be scooped up.

many of these are going on my wish list. with my birthday and christmas coming up in a few months, i am definitely going to be hoping some of these end up in my jewelry box.

my first bauble bar purchase was this pretty little (or not so little) treat. i plan to rock it with a striped shirt or a shift dress pretty soon...

if any of you want to shop the pretty pieces above, hop on over to bauble bar and set up an account. i would definitely recommend them. best part? you get $10 off your first purchase. TREAT!

bauble bar doesn't know about me or my little blog. they don't know i'm writing this post. i just wanted to share the jewelry love...


Emily said...

i LOVE bauble bar!! i got that same fire elsa necklace too!! :) love!!