Monday, July 19, 2010

everyone loves a list

1. i made my apartment my you know what this weekend. kicked its tush and made it clean. finally. and then i had a "pamper shan" day as well. it was a long time coming.

2. i have been living on a budget for the past month. to be candid, i was sick of not really knowing where my money went (after all my regular expenses were paid). and i needed to start saving some serious dollars. so i did. and it has been good. a strict budget can make you feel so free.

3. i bought some cork at staples this weekend and am trying to figure out what i want to do with it in my house. kitchen perhaps? i also bought some fabulous fabric while home in lexington a few weeks ago. those will be made into a window treatment for the living room. i, of course, will share pictures upon completion. don't hold your breath. i need to become very brave.

every once in awhile, i venture out and try something new. like nutella.

and then i wonder why the frick i have waited so long and how many good pieces of toast i have missed out on.

5. A, his brother and I went and saw the movie "inception" this past weekend. drop everything you are doing right now and go see it. now. go. you will thank me later. it is AMAZING.

6. i just now thought "i wonder if you are supposed to put nutella in the fridge after you open it? because i haven't been doing that. i hope i haven't poisoned myself. updated to add: no refrigeration needed. i am safe :)

7. i have a tired little puppy laying at my feet right now. life doesn't get much better folks. 

8. have i mentioned on this blog before how obsessed i am with thunderstorms? because i am. and it is thundering out right now. and i love it. LOVE. 

9. i never thought i would say this....but i love twitter. there. it is out for all to see. 

10. i am ready for a long summer vacation. a trip to florida is planned next month. might not be a week but it will still be a vacation. where i can finally become tan. (edited to add: i am pasty white and i am a pissed off little girl. dang 8-5 works days are hampering my laying out style in the summertime). 


geo said...

You'll be tan in no time at all when you are in Florida! You tan quick! Me and Morgan are JEALOUS!!!