Monday, July 26, 2010

i want to be her

maybe just so i can live in this house.

have y'all seen the movie "it's complicated"? it's a cute little flick that has one of the most fabulous houses i have ever seen. i was literally drooling the entire time.

or how about the amazing little store/bakery that the character owns in the movie?
sure...i'll take that too.

photos courtesy of here 

definitely recommend the flick. and anyone who wants to buy me the would be greatly appreciated.

moving on...

on sunday, A and i had the chance to go over to my boss' house with a few other co-workers and their significant others for a day on the lake. my boss is a fabulous lady and her and her husband were fabulous hosts.

also, her house was breathtaking as well. an old cottage that had been renovated with some rooms added on. my favorite part of her house was the back porch. a huge porch (not screened in) with a long rectangular table (homemade by her hubs) and a sitting area with a fireplace. a perfect place to eat dinner and unwind every night. she said they spend most nights out there...i can see why.

i felt like i was surrounded by beautiful houses this weekend. first in the movie and then at my boss' abode. and although i completely believe that true joy doesn't come from worldly things (like beautiful houses), i still get excited to think about having my own little place someday with A. a place where i can paint, decorate and renovate to my little hearts content.