Sunday, July 18, 2010

just call me samantha brown

i have been bitten by the travel bug. and i want to go to so many fun places. to explore all over this world of ours and adventure my little heart out. hopefully over my life, i will get to some of the places that are on my list. probably not all but some.

in the beginning of the year, A and i made a list of places that we want to travel to together when we get hitched. someday in the future. it is a big list. and i keep adding. i am so anxious to get on a plane and adventure. road trip. take a train. just go.

i figured i would start to share these place with you, my sweets. thursday travels sounds like a fun little title to be had. a post where i reveal a place on our list. a place that we want to go.

it will be like a "tuesdays 10" (started by my friend brit) or a "lovely friday" (started right here on the homefront of MNSC). some weeks i'm sure i will forget. but i will keep you updated as often as i can of showing you our list we put together.

what do y'all think? looking forward to this thursday to see my first place of travel? i need to pick a good one..start out with a bang bang.


Katie said...

shan! i have a "to-go tuesdays" post (that i don't write nearly enough - but i have one ready for tomorrow!) with the same idea! all the places that are on my "to-go" list instead of a "to-do" list, because i love lists! maybe we can travel to some of the same places together!