Wednesday, January 25, 2012

best vacation ever {part one}

A and I went to the island of vieques in puerto rico for our honeymoon. it's a pretty empty island and we stayed at the only resort on vieques. it was such a perfect way to wind down from the craziness of our wedding. we were there for 10 days and had such a wonderful time.

first off, let me show you where our little island was located. see our little island to the right of the main island?

i'm going to write this post like a travel journal. i want to remember all that i can about our honeymoon so going to write little details along the way.

this picture is one of our first nights on the honeymoon. they had these round big beds with pillows galore up at the main building of the resort. this was our view from one as we were lounging.

this was a little attraction on the island. we found it when we were out driving. it's the oldest tree on vieques. look how small A looks was ginormous.

pardon the hair. it's going to look like that in most pictures. humidity + what felt like a billion degrees means ponytail 99% of the time.

this was our little island rental that we had for 24 hours. a brand new jeep wrangler. it was so awesome and perfect for driving around the island. you'll see below how crazy all the roads are...and only a few of them are paved. 

there are wild horses all over the island. it blew my mind when we first saw a herd. they are everywhere. out in the middle of nowhere. in one of the two towns on the island. walking in the middle of the road. everywhere. i was kind of in heaven. 

the US navy had this island up until around 2003 i think (part of the reason why it is so untouched). there are still remnants of our navy around the island. we found a bunch of bunkers out on one of our drives. 

remember how i said the roads were kinda crazy looking? here is an example. they were so narrow - i hit a lot of branches! these are obviously paved. some of the others were just mud with the biggest potholes ever.

one of the first secluded beaches we found. 

at dinner at "el patio" in isabel II one night. not our favorite but it was nice to visit this town and eat out on their little patio. i'm pretty sure i had rice and beans and A had steak. as you can tell, he didn't really like it. :) excuse the poor lighting - like i said, we were out on the patio which didn't have the fanciest lighting.

i'll be back with two more posts full of honeymoon pictures and adventures!