Monday, January 30, 2012

best vacation ever {part 2}

welcome back to our honeymoon recap. here we go with part 2...

these next few pictures capture one of my favorite memories from our honeymoon. every morning we would wake up and go to breakfast at one of the few restaurants at the resort. it was very empty usually (except on the weekend) because it was low season. 

we got the same thing everytime. neither of us ever got sick of our choices because it was SOOOO good. my goodness, take me back there right now. i always got cranberry juice and A got french pressed coffee (one time he ordered a large and literally they brought out a french press that could have easily held enough coffee for a table of 10 people.) i ordered a belgian waffle and a fruit cup (YUM) and A got french toast. i miss that belgian waffle. and i miss the view more. 

handsome hubby

the beach at the resort

lots of seaweed this day...

these next pictures were from when we took the jeep out for a day to one of the best beaches on the island. this was blue beach. we planned on snorkeling but A was the brave one to go out and do it for awhile. i only did it for a few minutes. 

A snorkeling

on our way back from the beaches we stopped by a food truck that we read rave reviews about. it was by far my favorite meal the entire time we were there. authentic puerto rican food - carnitas. 

part 3 coming soon!