Thursday, January 12, 2012

resolutions 2012

i just wrote a post about how unmotivated i am recently and then erased it. i feel like i was just complaining about things that don't matter to anyone but me. however, if you have any tips or comments on how to get out of an unmotivated or lazy slump in one's life (that is really quite annoying to me), feel free to comment :)

anywho...back to the resolutions. i created some resolutions in 2010. and at the end of 2010, it was awesome to look back and see all of the things that were accomplished that year. i didn't do it for 2011 and wanted to kick myself on dec. 31st when i had no resolutions to look back on to see if i completed them. so here i am, formally writing down some resolutions for 2012.

1. glam myself up.
i couldn't quite figure out how to put this resolution into words. and then DON went ahead and took the words right out of my mouth when she shared {this resolution}. i would say this is one that is directly connected to the little blip above when i talk about being unmotivated and lazy. i have gotten into a routine of waking up 15 minutes before i have to leave for work. this results in shan not looking very put together for the day. not that i need to be a glamorous person everytime i step foot outside my door. but more like i just want to be presentable and actually look like i am a grown up.


2. continue with the gym
i would say one of my biggest accomplishments in 2011 was joining a gym and immediately getting myself into a routine of going 3-4 times a week (the wedding lit a fire under my butt to actually get in shape). i'm still going strong a year later and want to continue this throughout this year.


3. be more organized
menu planning. a cleaning schedule. waking up earlier. i need to write stuff down and stick to my resolutions!

4. eat well, try new things, take a cooking class and cook more
self explanitory but i want to keep eating better and better, push myself to try new things and cook for us more. menu planning has to be a part of this one too. i need to stop putting it off so much and actually do it. i know we will save time and money if i make myself do it!


5. take a one year anniversary trip with A
haven't even discussed this yet but it is a must happen.

6. wear my hair 30 different ways in a month.
anyone else get absolutely bored out of their mind with wearing their hair the exact same way all the time (it's either hair down, my bangs pulled back in bobby pins or a pony). this will be a challenge and a stretch but i think with all of the good ideas on pinterest, i might be able to accomplish it.

7. be super intentional about spending time with the lord. and praying.
to be completely honest, i have slacked on this major. i am not a morning person at all and then being married and living in a small place, i have yet to really make it a priority to step away and spend some quiet time with the lord. this has to change because i need it. i can so tell in my day to day life, my thoughts and the way i react to things when i haven't been making time for a quiet time. it's amazing how quickly and how much it affects your heart. this has got to be priority over everything else.

8. wear more lipstick

9. learn to sew
don't know how i will learn or who will teach me but it needs to happen.

10. save money and budget well
i created a budget last year and am hoping we can continue utilizing it this year.

what are some of your resolutions and goals for 2012? would love to hear if we have any of the same or if you have a good one to share!


Carly said...

I love this! We make our own at our house too! Ryan LOVES them. In response to #7, I have a really hard time with this too but then Jon Weece said this, if you and your spouse both read the bible and pray you have a 0.05% of getting a divorce. That did it for me, I am not perfect and divorce is a real issue in our country and I don't want it to happen to us. So I'm not perfect, but it really helps give me another reason to spend time with the Lord!

Day Old News said...

Thank you so much for your super thoughtful comments on my resolution! I'm in love with the YouVersion Bible App. I have a daily reading plan & Scripture plan that I get reminded of daily & it's so portable & easy. Learning to sew is a dream of mine, but I know this isn't the year for it. Good luck with your resolutions!!