Sunday, February 19, 2012

a new use for something old and pretty

while i was perusing a new blog find recently, i came across a little craft inspiration. i had a desktop calendar i had received for my birthday a little over a year ago {thanks rach!} and was trying to figure out what to do with it since the year was up. it was too pretty to just toss in the trash so imagine my surprise when this new blog showed me just what to do {here}.

i had a bunch of pretty leftover calendar sheets...

and just cut them up however i could. i made big pieces to perhaps use as little cards (or perhaps stick in a frame like she featured?). i also cut some small pieces to use as gift tags.

pretty right? there was one that i couldn't bare to cut up. september. since A and i got married in september of 2011, i thought of a different use for this one.

i added a little heart on our wedding date and am going to frame it and put it in a wall of frames. wanted to keep this one as a reminder of that wonderful day (and showcase that pretty design that was featured that month).

it's stored away safely until i start building a wall of frames someday.

any fun craft projects y'all have been working on?

Monday, February 6, 2012

lip arsenal

remember {here} when i mentioned that one of my NY resolutions was to wear more lipstick? well it's because i have enough lip products to supply an army of make-up loving women. seriously. i tote around 12 lipsticks/glosses/balms in my purse every single day. i think i have a problem. so my goal is to use them way more so i don't feel so bad about the fact that i have so many! so i thought i would share my arsenal with you.

{top to bottom: super strawberry, mega melon, chunky cherry}

these three clinique chubby sticks are my absolute favorites. i am really loving a colorful lip look right now and these are perfect to get one. i need to be brave and learn to wear them everyday (see one of my favorite bloggers here - she rocks a lip all the time and i am jealous of her courage. it always looks so good!)

next up are the balms that i carry around. apparently i'm a little brand loyal with my lip balms. all three are from fresh. the larger ones are no color. the smaller one (that i got for free with my sephora points) has a pinkish/red tint to it.

{L to R: advanced treatment, sugar, sugar rose}

and then there are the others. ones that i have toted with me for quite sometime. all collected over a few years (the laura mercier is new-ish. kinda like a balm but is very red. love to swipe it one with just mascara on!)

{L to R: nars turkish delight, mac lipglass in viva glam vi, laura mercier in crimson, nars lipsticks in dolce vita and barbarella, jouer in birchbox pink (came as a sample this month in my birchbox).}

so those are all my faves. i would recommend the clinique chubby sticks over anything else. i really love them a lot.

any other bloggers out there have a fun lip beauty product to share?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

best vacation ever {part 3}

final recap of our honeymoon...

poolside at the resort

dinner at the lounge restaurant one night. A got a cheeseburger. i got a puerto rican rice and beans dish and sauteed veggies. 

our little kitty friend. we named her kitty and wanted to take her home. she was so dang cute and always came to say hi at night because she always got dinner from us. kitty always had her tongue hanging out of her mouth. she was adorable but camera shy.

dinner. you can see the fire pit in the background.

we took a taxi one of our last nights and went to a restaurant called next course. had a yummy dinner with my new hubby!

i'm pretty sure this was our last night on the honeymoon. picture in our room before dinner.

we had such a wonderful time. some highlights that i wanted to mention (that i didn't get pictures of):
- bio bay tour. vieques has the largest bio bay in the world. we took kayaks out and in the bay, they have plankton that glow when they are disturbed in the water. so if a fish swims or you put your hand in the water, it glows with plankton. it was gorgeous. 
- hanging by the fire pit on one of our last nights with other newlyweds that had just arrived for their honeymoons.
- walking to get fruit at the cafe everyday.
- lunch in downtown esperanza at duffys. yummy food on the water.
- sitting at the pool. the chairs were wonderful, the pool was perfect and they had chairs that sat in the pool. we spent a lot of time there.

love reminiscing about our perfect vacation. let's go back A?