Friday, May 14, 2010

a congrats is in store

last friday was A's graduation. A has been so excited for this day and i couldn't be more happy to celebrate with him. his family came into town and it ended up being such a great time.

a few pictures from the day...

yes. i had to listen to every single name out there being called out. one by one. for 2.5 hours.

my happy graduate.

out to dinner to celebrate after graduation. habachi grill (A's favorite). it was delicious.

A- I loved celebrating with you. I couldn't be more proud. Love, S.


Adventures of a CrAzY LaDy! said...

VERY cute pictures of you and he :) I love your dress! Congrats to the grad!

Jen said...

congrats andy!!!!!!!!! your dreams have come true!!!

shan shan you look gorgeous and i love you in your h&m find. i wanna borrow.

<3 you
jen jen

Holly said...

gimme that dress.


jenna said...

Yay Andy! And I want that dress so bad!

Morgan said...

awww seester and shakey!!!! how adorable. shock looks very handsome in his cap and gown! sooooo excited to see you two.... scratch that.... THREE (including Kentson) next week!!!!