Tuesday, May 18, 2010

summer style

i would really like a fedora for this spring/summertime. they seem like a perfect summer casual to me.

perfect to throw on for a day at the beach.
lunch with a friend.
walking around downtown.

this is the style i would like to find for me.

{urban outfitters}

{google images}

{google images}

have y'all seen any cute ones around. i have searched target...they should have a simple one like these above. but so far, no luck. i am hoping to find this little treasure in time for memorial day weekend. 

here's hoping. 


Jen said...

i saw some at the forever 21 and i bet they'd be cheapy cheap! you would look adorable in that. i would look like a big idiot.

Jen Jen

oh and i got your <3 note last night. you are the sweetest!