Tuesday, May 11, 2010

tuesday's ten: ten books to read this summer

tuesday's ten comes every now and then. usually when i can think of 10 things i can group together for you. and today, it's 10 books to read this summer. they range from simple, girly beach reads to books that will encourage and {hopefully} challenge my faith to grow.

in no particular order...

are there any must-read books on your list for the summertime? i LOVE getting book recommendations from friends so please share!


Julie said...

Shannie, I read Dance Children Dance & it was really good. It was some SWEET insight to YL. I would lend it to you, but I lent it to Alli about 5 years ago and I don't have it anymore.

But if you can get your hands on it, do it. Because it's good!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I was recently trying to put together a summer reading list but couldn't come up with very many books. I read parts of crazy love and the shack, but never finished so I'll have to jump back in. Thanks for the book recommendations, I will be looking into them all. ;)