Wednesday, May 5, 2010

one man's junk is another man's treasure

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last weekend, A and I went on a little trip to visit his family. i also got to participate in a neighborhood yardsale. his grandparents (step grandparents) neighborhood hosted a yardsale. so i took a bunch of junk that i didn't need anymore and sold it. or some of it. the rest of it was hauled off to goodwill. it feels good to get that stuff out of my apartment.

one thing you will learn about me. I am a purger. do y'all know that show "hoarders"? i am the exact opposite of them. i am a purger. 110%. i just love the feeling of no clutter.

it was fabulous getting rid of junk.

and did i mention that i love yardsales? love them! however, i didn't find anything that i wanted at this one. disappointing. i did score some teacup saucers and an old gold frame from A's grandparents. but i wanted some fun little serving dishes. or some furniture that i could eventually redo. you know...take other people's junk and make it my little treasures.

next time maybe.


the Poston's said...

you must know shannon, that when you said you dumped a lot of stuff and that you were a purger, my heart raced.

i my friend, am the definition of the "hoarder." and if i didn't already know that..

my heart racing in fear and discomfort at the thought of you throwing away your junk while thinking "why would she do that, i may have wanted some of that stuff"... has no confirmed my fear that has been wanting to surface for a while.

i am in fact a, hoarder.

there. surfaced.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like your blog. I like the title "my sweet carolina" by Ryan Adams, but it is one of my top favorite songs.

Shannon said...

ang - next time i will save a big pile for you. or maybe i won't...don't want to encourage any hoarding at the poston's. :)

missy - i am glad you like the blog! i too love ryan adams inspired my blog title. seemed appropriate since i was moving to SC!