Monday, May 24, 2010



so even though i don't really cook, i have more than enough cookbooks for when i do pick it up. i have every intention to. however, i don't really have some of the things that would make life in the kitchen a little easier. crockpot. electric skillet. a big ol' pot. no excuses though. i really need to start soon.

anyway...back to the cookbooks. i have a ton. lots. and i keep collecting. i want a lot of places to pick out food when i do pick up cooking as a hobby.

menu planning. 
finding fun little meals. 
trying new things.

it all sounds so fun. a lot of work but a gooooood reward.

this little cookbook i got at tjmaxx last week. i really like it. it is a guide for local, sustainable and organic cooking. it is broken up into different seasons. early spring. late spring. early summer. late summer. and so on. and the recipes reflect what is in season for that particular time. taking some of the guess work out of eating locally and learning what is in season.

i really like it. unfortunately (just for me) it is not a vegetarian cookbook. so a lot of the meals involve some sort of meat. however, there are some i can definitely leave the meat out of. and i'm sure they will be just as good.

i recommend this far. i mean...i haven't cooked anything out of it yet. but i love the concept. teaching me how to use ingredients based on the season. love that.

i think it is originally like $24. amazon has it {here} for $16. i picked it up at my local tjmaxx for $6. heck yes ladies and gentlemen.

that is how i roll.