Monday, August 16, 2010

a clemson wedding

last week, A and i were invited to our dear friends wedding.

daniel and laura were married in a garden on clemson's campus. outside. which was beautiful but oh my freaking goodness was it hot. but it really was perfect.

after, we celebrated their marriage at a little restaurant in downtown clemson. it was such a good time.

dang smudge on the iphone camera. but still cute :)

side story: daniel was a YL kid when i led at a school in lexington. daniel was part of a group of 4 boys who always came around and who ended up loving the Lord and growing like weeds. 4 years later and they are all still great friends of mine. so the other 3 boys came for the wedding and it really was so fun. hanging out with some lexington friends really made for a joyful night.

looking back, A and i both had a fabulous night celebrating our friends. and now, A is puppy-sitting for their girl, Riley. Riley and Kentson love each other. love. so i had to leave with a sweet little picture of the happy fur couple.

they look so much alike right? my little k is on the left. riley roo (his gf) is on the right.

both friend and puppy love.


Julie said...

I LOVE IT!!! SOOOOOO sad we couldn't go. Dang freaking assignment. :(

But it looked so much fun and I'm super jealous!!! Counting down until I can see you!