Wednesday, August 11, 2010

spot on

it's no secret that target is amazing.

so when i spotted these glasses on a recent trip i thought "i must have those!" they are perfect.

i got the white ones. one pack of white striped and a pack of white dots. SUPER CUTE. i love them. and they are glass (bonus points!). and $7 for a pack of 4. i'm definitely not trying to be an enabler....i'm just saying that i love them and you should too.

and because we are talking about glasses, i will share a little tidbit about shan with my readers.

have you seen the movie "signs"? well, there is a little girl named bo in the movie. she is probably 6 or 7. she is known in her house for leaving half-full (i'm an optimist here) glasses around the house. everywhere. well kids...that is me. in real life. no character here....just shan. i admit that i leave glasses everywhere around my apartment. andy sometimes likes to start calling me bo so that i realize my problem quirk.

saying all that, sometimes i run out of glasses. mostly because they are lying around everywhere. and then i add all to the dishwasher and then have to wait. but now, i have 8 more glasses that i can fill up and half drink before i need to run my dishwasher.

and they are cute. which is why i got them. definitely didn't just get them so i could have 8 more glasses to half drink. definitely not.


Cory said...

I love those Shan!! & I love your quirks :)