Sunday, August 29, 2010

lazy-ish sunday

9:30am - wake up for church.

the church that we attend has switched buildings this summer to accommodate the number of people who attend the downtown service. now, it is held in an old baptist church building (although our church is not a "baptist" one). it is absolutely beautiful. smells old (which is one of my favorite smells). looks old. stained glass lining both sides of the sanctuary with big front steps leading up to the building. it's beautiful.

11:30 - out of church and hungry.

A and i decide to try a new (for us) restaurant downtown. i have heard they serve a good brunch. perfect....exactly what i want on a sunday. we make our way down the street to have brunch outside. (have i mentioned yet that it is the prettiest day ever? because it is. sunny and not "smack you in the face and make you want to pour iced water on your head over and over again" hot. which it has been all summer so it is a nice change.

brunch is delicious. we sit outside and eat yummy yummy food til our hearts are content.

1:00 - done with brunch. off to go drive through our favorite neighborhoods downtown and dream of owning a house there one day.

find about 8 different houses i want. maybe 10. almost all will more than likely always be out of our price range but a girl can dream of getting one for free one day right?

2:00 - drive to the habitat restore. it's closed. drive to favorite antique store. closed too. boo hiss.

2:30 - go home. where a lazy sunday begins. i blog. A is in my living room playing video games. and that is where we are right now.

told my pup i would take him to the puppy park today. must go soon so i can be back in time for the emmy's. i heart awards shows and am excited to park my butt on the couch tonight and watch as all my favorites (hopefully) win.

happy sunday dear readers.


Kari said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon! Enjoy! :)