Thursday, August 5, 2010

my friend {libby}

i have a dear friend libby.

we were blessed to get her in lexington. she met a boy named justin (who i went to hs with) on summer staff at young life camp. not long after, she moved to lexington and became such a wonderful part of our community there. she was in our bible study and is a good friend.

she married justin. they moved to VA. they had a sweet little baby.

and last week, sweet libby found out that she had cancer. lymphoma. she is 26 years old.

i want to encourage each of you to follow her blog as she shows us how to go through something so hard and do it with such grace. it's incredibly hard not to feel sad. but libby is going to be an example for all of us. she already has taught me so much about faith and it has been a week since the news came.

please please pray. pray for my friend. pray for her and her husband. pray for their daugher, ava. pray for strength.

i also pray that eyes will be opened, walls will be broken down and hearts will be pointed to the Lord through libby's journey. i know she will not waste her cancer.

{libby's blog}


Day Old News said...

Ugh, so sorry about your friend. I unfortunately have been there, though with another type of cancer. It's such a bummer, but you can only look forward and love life! Thinking of her...