Sunday, September 19, 2010

a gleeful favorite

now i know i told you before how much i love glee. i also included them in my "i'm so excited that all my fall shows are coming back i could scream" tv lineup last week.

A and i finally finished up season one this weekend. we had just a few more episodes to watch (one being the famous gaga episode that i heard so much about). and although most people raved about the poker face number, my absolute favorite was the bad romance performance.

please watch it below. if that doesn't encourage you to be a gleek, i don't know what will.

this upcoming season will be EPIC. an entire britney episode (judge me...i will forever be a britney fan) and a "time warp" performance from the rocky horror picture show? umm...yes please. i am absolutely ecstatic.


Apartment TLC said...

I am considered to be a glee-a-holic. lol <3 it.