Sunday, September 12, 2010

i heart spade

if i could pick one place to shop from (money not being an issue) i think i would pick kate spade. to me, it's the perfect combination of chic and preppy with a little trendy thrown in. but it is classic...oh so classic.

this fall, i want to add a pair of colorful tights to my wardrobe. paired with a fall shift dress and pretty heels, i feel like it would be the perfect look for fall of 2010. kate spade has a perfect pair for me and i have my eye on them. but after drooling browsing the website, i came across their "fall looks" section. and i fell into love. or maybe lust. i feel into something and i would like to wear each of these fall outfits this upcoming season.

each look has a quirky but oh so appropriate name to go along with the outfit. 

ordered a baker's dozen as a mid-week treat.

started a sketchbook while people-watching at lunch.

ordered a latte as she considered 12 across.

popped into the strand for a quick pick-me-up.

watched la vie en rose and brushed up on her french.

listened to a new playlist on her morning commute.

signed up for a dance class at the 92nd street Y.

on a lark, brought a kite to the park.

chic right? and i am loving all of the color choices!

see more of the fall looks here. and tell me...if you could choose a store to shop in (without considering money) which would you choose?

and of course, all images are courtesy of kate spade.


Jen said...

i think i would probably dress head to toe in outfits from jcrew if everything was free.

since i try and shield my eyes from beautiful and expensive things there could even be a more fitting store for me that i've never seen before...

i hope i never see it.

love the spade pics!