Wednesday, September 22, 2010

puppy favorites

how adorable is this pup? and now...a list of his favorites.

1. science diet advanced fitness food
definitely not the cheapest. probably more middle of the road. but one that we like and K has been on it since he was at the humane society.

2. natural choice pet treats (blueberry)

3. chew toys
rubber toys are king in this house. only because we have the most powerful chewer of all pups. i. am. not. kidding. rubber toys are less messy and just as good for our pup.




his favorite (and the one that has lasted the longest) is the first toy we got him (the same night we brought K home). it's from publix. he likes to sleep with it in his mouth just to be sure no one takes it while he is sleeping.

yes..that is how my pup sleeps. inappropriate and oh so freaking hilarious.

4. treat toys
this is what i call them...not the actual name of them. we have had 2 in the past. both are made to be able to put different "treats" in them for your pup. we give K all natural peanut butter as a treat once or twice a week. all we do is swipe a layer on the inside of our toy and puppy is happy as a clam and distracted for about 20 minutes.

premiere busy buddy twist 'n treat

5. stuffed animals (but not anymore)
K loves stuffed animal toys. we used to get them for him. however, we have learned our lesson and now only do the rubber ones. K loved them. but he would eat them. i'm not just talking like ripped them apart. i mean HE ATE THEM. i think he was chewing and he was so excited to have a stuffed toy that he didn't stop to spit out the stuffed animal as he was ripping it. he just ate it to save time. (have i mentioned our pup is downright insane?)

ones we loved before we learned the lesson...

go dog

kong braidz

6. the puppy park
oh. my. gosh.
we DIE. everytime.
100% K's favorite thing in the whole wide world.

7. car rides
when we first got K, i said to andy "i want him to be used to car rides. we should try to take him on adventures so he gets used to it". well...i created a monster. he is obsessed with going on a car ride.

8. a gentle leader
K hates this. we love it. it kind of looks like a muzzle and it is used to help train your dog not to pull when you walk him. how it works: when your dog pulls too much, it pulls his head back (to the side) in order to stop him from yanking (instead of pulling his neck like a normal collar would). therefore, he stops because he can't see where he is going. we are still learning but K has definitely gotten better about not pulling when we walk him.

gentle leader

for the past 5 months that we have had K, we have learned what works for us and him. these are the things we love and definitely recommend!

this is what we have found that works for our pup. i have not been paid by petsmart or any of these brands to say any of the above. these are just my opinions :) all photos courtesy of petsmart.


Anne said...

Shan, your pup is precious. I think our dogs would be friends if you still lived here, for the following reasons:

1. Moose sleeps the exact same way - not sure whats up with that.

2. Moose also loves stuffed toys and eats them.

3. He is OBSESSED with car rides. He will jump into anyones car if the door is open. Its a problem.

4. He hates the gentle leader too, but its the only way to ensure I walk him and not the other way around.

I like reading about your puppy. Hope you all are doing well :)

Apartment TLC said...

i loved this post! since i spent about a 2 years working as a pet nutrition specialist i can tell you those treats are some of the best. i deff dont want to shove facts down your throat so if your interested let me know and i can give you some industry secrets.

Day Old News said...

Love how your dog sleeps. My dog also loves the car and the convertible in particular. She always walks on the gentle leader and it has saved me from having my arm ripped out of the socket at the sight of a squirrel.

Morgan said...

baby k k! give that baby some much needed love from his auntie mo mo! i have a GINORMOUS bone waiting for him next time i see my little man. love you 3 with alllll my heart!!

Shannon said...

so glad all of our pups like the same things friends. :)

also...apartment TLC, would love to know the inside scoop! feel free to email me on any recs or secrets you may have!!!