Thursday, February 11, 2010


first let me say...

holy interior decorating heaven, batman!

now as i wipe the drool from my keyboard...

while visiting family in pensacola florida, my mama and i have discovered a little treasure. it is an interior decorating shop called duh! in downtown pensacola. and y'all...i'm not kidding. it is seriously heavenly.

what seems to be a quaint little shop from the outside turns into a huge mecca of interior decorating fabulousness. from the front building you go into a huge courtyard, into a 2-story old house, into another building behind that, that entices  you to the warehouse across the street. each and every inch is crammed with decorating goodies. 

of course, over christmas, my g-mom, mama and i all ventured to duh!. i like to draw my inspiration from that store. it is so unique. they are set up like a bunch of rooms. it feels like you are walking into people's living rooms, kitchens and apartments. i love the set-up. like i much inspiration.

here are my shots from our trip.

2 things about duh that are drawbacks for me...
1. it is outrageously priced. hundreds and thousands of dollars for some things. don't mind if i do just take 1000 pictures for inspiration. i am all about DIY or finding a cheaper alternative.
2. they love white. now, don't get me wrong. i am obsessed with white. but i am also obsessed with adding punches of color everywhere. they don't do a lot of color. not my cup of tea personally.

if you are ever in the area, seriously go. GO. 
they do not have a website {tear} but i have attached their information {here}.

anything that catches your eye? what about all the white? do you love? hate? like a mixture {like me!}? 
do tell.
these are just my personal opinions. i was not compensated in away to review the store or their products. i just love it so much that i wanted to share with my readers :)


Jade Cook said...

i LOVE the shelves of pillows! so cool!!!

Jen said...

i love tons of white. i mean i REALLY love it. i dont think you would be able to tell that by my house obviously...little miss neutral...but i really do love it.

i always think that the kids will ruin anything white that i buy, so i don't. sad.

I made a pillow that was mostly white last week and i kept thinking...ben is going to ruin this.

<3 you!

Holly said...

Does Jen have kids we don't know about???