Thursday, February 4, 2010


a list {because i really love lists}.
1. i won my first giveaway! how awesome is that? i am beyond excited! i am the unluckiest person ever. seriously. i have probably entered 50 giveaways. never won. i almost peed my pants when i visited A Southern Accent {one of my fave blogs} and saw that i had won! 

this is coming soon

2. with the month of february starting, i have decided to start on my healthy resolutions. {i bucked the trend. apparently, i start in feb. not jan.} . i created a workout calendar. i planned all of my workouts for the month. i'm thinking this will be helpful to me. so far so good. (it's only been 2 days...don't congratulate me yet).

i have also shopped healthier and gotten rid of all the junk in my apartment. my fridge no longer has coke or sweet tea or cookie dough inside waiting for me to devour. see? proof.

here's hoping to keep on keepin' on with the healthy lifestyle.

3. the more i listen to them, the more i love the black eyed peas. and i think fergie is my girl crush. she is fabulous. 

4. i have decided to do window treatments soon for my apartment. my walls and carpet are white (ish) and i am obsessed with white furniture. unfortunately, i can't paint my walls or rip up the carpet. so i need a big color splash somewhere. window treatments, art and pillows it is. i found a fabric for my living room. now i need to find a fabric for my bedroom. (i'll share soon...hopefully neither end up being expensive. because that would suck)

5. round 2 is coming. what's that you ask? because these ladies second visit is coming soon...

and my sister is heading to to SC on her spring break.

i can't wait for my visitors!

6. LOST makes my head spin. but i really love that show. when the premiere came this week, i squealed. and i made A jump up and down for the 2 of us. (i would have but my body = sore).

those are my updates as of now...
i missed y'all. 


Rachel said...

Maybe we could help you make window treatments while we're visiting. The cornice boards I made were super easy and pretty cheap!

Jen said...

that is a great list!! i love it all...well sort of...

i love it for you. i dont like exercising, eating healthy or fergie but i love all that for you.

can't wait to see your sweet face! miss you!!

Holly said...

I just LOLed at Jen's comment. Oh crap I cant wait to see you!!!!